Made to Run Everywhere

The Story

To explore, connect, and give back through running – this is the core principle driving every decision at Janji.

We craft globally-inspired running apparel guided by the places we run and the people we meet.

Responsibility is the intersection of sustainable choices with social and ethical practices.

To be a fully responsible apparel brand — especially one that relies heavily on performance-based materials, operates in an industry that still too heavily defaults to the status quo and contributes to the production of over 100 billion pieces of apparel a year — is a complex and constant challenge. We are a small, independent mission-driven company, and while we tirelessly work toward an ideal, admittedly we are far from perfect. We are holding ourselves accountable to continually improve how we treat people, planet, and products as we put our best foot forward and make better choices every day.

P.F.M. — Perpetual Forward Motion. This is a motto of ours that we remind ourselves of as we continue, one step in front of the next, on this ongoing journey toward building a better company and industry.

Janji Running Clothes