Protecting people, better.

The Story

We believe in protecting humans from microscopic things that can do great harm. We believe forests are an invitation, so RSVP. We believe life as we know it is happier around a campfire. We believe everyone deserves to be safe.

We believe nature wants to be explored. We believe helping is not optional. We believe non-profits deserve some of ours. We believe babies hate getting bitten by insects as much as adults. We believe bugs is a noun and a verb, neither one fun in the woods. We believe yes, yes you do want our snake venom kit if there’s no ambulance nearby.

We believe the cross thing you make on a mosquito bite with your fingernail is avoidable. We believe yes you can be the first to remove viruses from water. We believe any source of fresh water can become 99.99999% clean.

We believe love and smiles are universal. We believe hugs feel the same in both developed and undeveloped countries. And we believe that thanks are in order for anyone who buys our product. (You help us help refugees, disaster zones and life-saving efforts around the world even though you may not know it.)