Trail Butter

Be Trail Ready

The Story

Since Day 1, we’ve operated under the mantra, “BE TRAIL READY”.

We started Trail Butter in 2012, selling jars of our nut butter blends from a bike-powered pop up cart at Farmer’s Markets in Portland, OR. Our mission?…to create delicious, all-natural energy food alternatives that provide balanced, slow-burning energy in a convenient portable package, all while using only unprocessed, whole-food ingredients.

A ‘TRAIL’ can be many things to many people, from a winding single-track to a perfect line down a mountain, or even a new path in professional or family life. Whatever form it takes, what we eat is a key contributing factor in being ‘READY’ to embark on these adventures with sound body and mind. At Trail Butter we strongly believe that real, wholesome foods are the best way to fuel this journey.

The wondrous nut, in all its nutritional glory, forms the foundation of our ‘REAL FOOD ENERGY’ vision. Additional all-natural ingredients like chocolate, dried fruit, coffee and more, help to create our distinct line of nut butter blends. In this introductory packet, we’ve included information on how Trail Butter came to be, key product facts, and current available blends.

What We Carry

4.5oz packets, 4 servings per container